Baby Milestone!

What a great day!

Thunder not only rolled over THREE times in a row today, but I also noticed TWO pearly whites coming in!  I can’t believe my boy is getting so big!

We’ve faced a serious sleep regression though.  Having a bedtime routine is HUGE, but we just can’t seem to manage to stick with it.  We have to get our act together, because our poor babe is so fussy when he’s off schedule.

He’s so sweet when he sleeps.

In other news:

– Bull and I have adopted a vegan diet.  We’re trying it for three weeks.  He’s had pretty bad stomach problems that haven’t been cured by his doctor or gone away on their own.  So far it’s been pretty easy.  We cleared our fridge of all things dairy and stored our leftover meats in the lowest drawer of the freezer.  We also did away with all our junk food and things we just shouldn’t have in the cupboards.  (Thank goodness beans are them.)

– Bull and I are getting excited about a little couple’s costume shindig we’re planning on having in a few weeks.  What couple should we dress up as?  We’re thinking something involving a fro.

– Bull and I went on a walk around the neighborhood last night.  (Bull’s love language is long walks outdoors.)  We chatted about a family he heard about on NPR.  It’s fun figuring out how we’re going to raise our babies together.  Should we insist on getting a job during high school?  How do we encourage responsibility and money management skills?

– Thinking of doing this to tone my legs.  And this describes my problem and solution perfectly.

– I love the idea of Thunder wearing masks and capes around the house.  I want him to have a boundless imagination.

That’s all for today.  Blessings!


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